Wednesday, August 07, 2002

YAY I fixed my blog! from now on I will TRIPLE check my HTML code before publishing. Anyways, go check out my photos!

Today I have a special treat.....PHOTOS! My husband had to pick up a digital camera last night for his workplace, and we figured we'd best test it out before he took it in to work today ;) I took a bunch of photos, but I'm going to space them out a bit. I'm no whiz with Photoshop, so I'm just going to toss them up on websites to share I think. So if you want to check out pics of my boatneck shell, the failed shell, my sleeveless turtleneck and the cap sleeved top, CLICK HERE (there are even photos of my pretty face!)

I have a couple more photos I can add tomorrow. Sorry the photo quality isn't great, I had maybe 5 minutes to snap some quick shots this morning before the camera had to go. Still, I'm glad to actually have some knitting photos to share!

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