Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I'm up to about 5.5" done on the ribbed sweater! That's pretty good especially since it is done in the round, that's like having 11" done on a flat pattern ;) I love how its turning out, the colour will be great with my dark jeans (it's burgundy) and it's just so "ME"! I hope the pattern will be suitable for my sister too.

We're driving to a wedding in Kootenay Bay next weekend. It's a place in South Eastern BC, near Nelson, if that helps. It's apparently an 8hr drive AFTER the ferry to the mainland (which is over an hour and a half, plus driving time to the ferry on our end). Sooo....we're splitting the trip up to make it manageable. We're leaving friday night right after work, getting reserved tickets for the ferry and hoping to make it to Hope that night. Then we'll only (only??) have about a 6 hour drive on saturday. It should be fun though, it's a really casual affair, and I like driving trips with my husband. Does anyone know any good knitting shops along the Highway 3 route in southern BC????

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