Friday, January 10, 2003

Hubby liked his sock, and is happy enough with a raincheck for its mate. I should have it done for him to wear to work Monday at least.

And now some long primised felting photos! First, a photo of the felted clogs I made for my father in law. I am amazed how well these turned out, they were about 2 feet long and so floppy before felting!

Here is the jester hat I made my brother for his birthday. He was too shy to pose (and was taking the photos for me) so you get a picture of my darling hubby sporting the hat. He felt the need to make an apropriate pose to match the hat ;)

This is one of the THREE attempts at purses for my cousin for christmas. First one didn't felt, this one OVER-felted. It ended up looking more like a vase than a purse! The chair it is sitting on shows you how tiny it ended up. (she liked it and wanted to keep it anyways, though!)

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