Monday, January 13, 2003

I finished hubby's birthday socks this weekend and he's wearing them happily at work today :) I must say working with a double strand of worsted weight makes socks knit up FAST! I'm going to keep my eyes open for some cheap wool blend at the thrift shops to make him more socks I think. The Wool-Ease I used for this pair was about $4.50 a ball and the socks take two balls to make two socks, so it gets expensive that way. Especially when socks are $2.00 or less at places like Zellers!

I got going on the socks I'm making for myself out of the leftovers from mom's christmas socks. I'm trying toe-up on two circs, at the same time! I had some trouble getting them started toe-up, I kept losing track of the short rows and having to start over. Now that I'm moving along on the straight stockingknit stitch for the foot though, it's speeding along. Keeping the two balls seperate is fairly easy now, I just stick the ball of wool into the toe of the sock and pull it out when it's time to knit that one. It seems like knitting them both at the same time is going much faster than if I did them seperately too, I got a couple inches done at DnD last night!

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