Tuesday, January 21, 2003

So as soon as I get all my yarn stash organized and contained, my wonderful mother finds me bags (yes, more than one bag) stuffed full of nifty yarn at thrift shops!! There is a 3/4 finished black and purple mohair sweater and the yarn to finish it, needs a front and finishing only, so I might just finish it off, it looks pretty nice. There are other mohair balls, multiples and singles, some offwhite yarn for dying and felting, and some curious nylon-like ribbon yarn, probably enough for a tank top or tshirt. There are some other treats in there too but I'm not looking at the pile now so I can't recall it all. I found a huge ball of a soft bumpy boucle and some "Patons Moon Rise" that is white and black with white nubs, in my own thrift shopping. I must stop buying and start knitting!!!

I don't think I'm going to get anything together for knitty this time around. The idea is still in my head, not on paper or in yarn yet. I think I will puzzle on it for a bit longer and see about next issue if I can. I really do want to try my hand at designing my own pattern though, I think it would be very gratifying!

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