Thursday, January 09, 2003

Speedy Sock!

It's my hubby's 26th birthday today, and since he got a rather pricey large xmas gift from me, that was his combo xmas/birthday gift this year. (Diving Lessons, in case you were curious) That said I felt rotten about not giving him anything. He started a new coop job on Monday, and the place is really cold, and he commented how he needs to buy some warm socks. BINGO - I can make him socks! Of course, I only got the idea yesterday, while at work, not leaving much time! I knit like mad while he was at band last night, and whenever I found a spare moment at work today, and I just finished one sock. I figure I can wrap it up and promise him the mate to wear them for work Monday :) Now I am feeling rather speedy, but I should note that these socks were made using a double strand of Wool-Ease Worsted Weight, and 5.5mm needles, so it's less of an accomplishment than it may seem at first. But to make it a bit more of an accomplishment, I will tell you I managed to graft the toe quite neatly withour a darning needle - go me!

Isn't it always the case that when you NEED to do a project RIGHT NOW you don't have the needles it takes? Never mind I have a kajillion needles, straight, circular, DPNs, in all manner of sizes and styles, I didn't have 5.5mm DPNs or circs! I was in a panic as I couldn't buy new ones in time, and I didn't have the guts to adapt the pattern too much with no time to spare. Then I noticed a pair of LONG plastic straights that were 5.5mm. Using every tool imaginable I somehow got the "knobs" off them and broke them in half, and after some work with the pencil sharpener and a nail file.....A pair of pretty yellow DPNs in the size I needed! It was a little bit of work but I won't dismiss all the plastic straights I see at the thrift shops so quickly now!.

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