Thursday, January 02, 2003

I managed to do some knitting over the christmas holiday, but not a lot. Mostly I just spent it shopping and relaxing, which was just fine for me! I got a couple neat knitting gifts: A Passion for Knitting which is a great all around instruction manual, nifty read, and has some terrific patterns in it, a large denim knitting bag from my neighbour, and a magazine rack to use as a knitting bag. (my aunt taped the words "knitting bag" over "magazine rack" on the box too, how cute!) I got a gift that didn't work out, and when I return it to WalMart I'm going to get another one of those rolling plastic carts to store my yarn stash in. I have far too much yarn to fit in the one cart I already got.

Coming soon: Photos of the felted clogs, one of the 'failed' felted purses, and my brother's felted jester hat!

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