Tuesday, January 07, 2003


My mom's friend saw me knitting one day, so next time she visited my mom's place she brought over all her knitting stuff, since she didn't use it anymore. What a nifty assortment she brought me:
straight and DPNs in many sizes
knitting guage
sample fair isle glove and pattern to make my own
some blue wool
embroidery floss
Vintage Vogue Knitting Magazines!! (1953, 1964, etc - I think 5 of them)
McCall's Needlework magazine, also from the 60's or 70's
A quilting magazine
a needlepoint magazine

Pretty cool score, eh? The Vogue magazines are so fun to look through, the few ads at the front are funny, and the patterns look pretty neat. The guage on them sure is tiny though, I don't know how many of the items I would have the patience to make! A couple of the magazines are "child and baby" issues, so I may do something from them, since smaller sizes would make up for the tiny guage. The funniest thing was, two of the sweaters I saw in these old magazines are pretty much identical to 2 sweaters I saw in current magazines we have out now! There is a lacy cardigan just like the one in the current Knit It and a bulkier sweater with large panels of ribbing at the cuffs like I saw in another magazine. Interesting that some styles prevail, or make a comeback!

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