Monday, May 27, 2002

Great garage sale find this weekend. Actually my husband spied it for me...this binder full of large 'cards' covering everything I could ever want to know about knitting! There are stitches, patterns, instructions on techniques, descriptions of fibre types, the history of various types of knitting, tons of stuff! All for $1! (well 87cents actually, it was all I had in my wallet and the guy took it, teehee!)

I think I'm finally sorted out on this pattern-chart business. The pattern Iam doing isn't that complicated now that I have it sorted out, and in fact I have the pattern memorized so I can work along happily until I get up to the armholes. I ended up ripping out the 12-14 rows I had done to start over, it just didn't look right and I'm so much happier with it this time around. It's just hard for me to rip out my work! Ithink it will be quite nice, the smaller needles and yarn will make a much different look than thicker stuff I have been using for other projects. I'm enjoying the bamboo needles, too!

I only did about a row today at lunch, and won't get more done this evening as I have Stamp Club. (rubber stamping)

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