Saturday, May 25, 2002

I found a new pattern to work on. It's at, and you need to log in there to see the patterns (but it's free), so I can't link to it. I'm doing the knit lacey t-top. It looks pretty nice, and fairly easy, so I started it last night. I'm doing it in Patons Canadianna because I have about 10 skeins of that from a thrift store buy, and conveniently it came with a pair of 4.5mm bamboo needles, all for $8. I'm using them to work on this pattern, and its quite a different feeling. The needles are SO light! I think it will become less noticable once I have more knitting done, and that weights it down, but for now it's fun working with such light needles.

The chart for the pattern, though not that complicated, took me a while to figure out. Its got different start and end places for the small, medium and large sizes. I understood that well enough, as well as the actual stitches, but I just coulndn't get the pattern to work out with the number of stitches I cast on. My engineer husband came to the rescue, took one look at it and said "Oh! for some reason you need to read from right to left on this chart"! BINGO, that did it, it works fine when you read from right to left. Is this normal? Is this how most charts are written? Seems very odd to me......

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