Sunday, May 05, 2002

I'm hoping to get some in-person help with my tank top today! The LYS, Beehive Wool had a sign up advertising "Beginner Classes" Sunday afternoons. When I asked about them, they said it was more drop in help for people that were struggling with a pattern. Perfect! So I'm going to head down there later and maybe they can help me understand this pattern so I can move on. I'd also like to look for a nice easy sock pattern to try, maybe they have something for me there. I feel a little guilty going there for help, I haven't bought anything there yet because their prices scare me! If I keep getting great deals at the thrift shops I may never be happy paying retail!

I'm thinking of stamping a clock for my mother for Mother's Day. My friend made one and it turned out quite nice. You buy a cheap ($5) wall clock, disassemble it, and stamp a piece of paper to go over the fact, then put it all back together again. I don't know if I have enough stamps to do it nicely, but at stamp club on monday I can use other people's stamps to get a variety. I just have to decide on a theme...........My mom did her kitchen in a "garden" theme, complete with bugs climbing the walls and birdhouses over the window, and she wants to do her guest room like a Forest. Either of those would be easy to work with I think.

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