Monday, May 06, 2002

I got help on my tank top at Beehive Wool yesterday! Actually, I did most of the 'figuring out' myself, trying to explain the pattern to the woman there helped me sort it out better in my head. Still it was nice to have someone to help me understand the pattern, and encourage me to keep at it. I'm blazing along on the pattern now and its looking quite cool! I see a few small mistakes I made, the lacey border to the cable kind of wanders out at a couple spots, but it's not too major. I don't think it will even be noticable, and I've worked too hard to frog it now!

I also picked up some NICE yarns at the shop. I had a coupon for a free ball of yarn (up to $6) which I used to get a ball of Funny Yarn in Royal Blue, and I bought a ball of Snowflake Yarn in Black. OMG these are cool yarns! The "Funny" Yarn is sort of satiny/shiny with lots of threads, I think this is what you call Eyelash Yarn. The Snowflake Yarn is the softest stuff I have ever seen! I can't think of anything to compare it too, it's so soft, but if you see some in your LYS, you HAVE to go touch it!! I'm going to make a scarf for my Mother-in-Law with these, as a christmas present. They had sample scarves near the Funny Yarn in the store and they felt and looked so neat. It should be easy, mindless knitting, and a treat to work with such fancy yarn for a change.

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