Monday, May 13, 2002

I found some nifty yarn at Value Village this weekend. It's this strange veregated thready boucle kind of stuff. The label says Sahara Dale Garn, but I can't search that brand name up on the Net anywhere. Has anyone heard of this stuff, or knit with it before? It looks really cool, I think it would make a great top. I have 7 skeins, bought all they had at about a buck each, I hope that's enough to make something! (they're smallish skeins and its a lightweight yarn)

I started a half-hearted halter top pattern I found on the net. Not on a website, out of a post to an email list, so I can't link to it here. If it turns out I will post the pattern. I just needed something easy to work on for a while, to leave the tank top so it doesn't frustrate me further. For the halter I just used two strands of Patons Canadianna, one white, one light blue. It looks pretty, but is a little 'stiff'. I'm not too worried how it turns out, I'm just playing around.

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