Thursday, May 30, 2002

Still working away slowly on the simple t-shirt top from It's a LOT slower going than past projects, with a lighter weight yarn and 4.5mm needles. I've got 3 or 4 inches done up the back. I had to rip it out when I got to this point the first time, it just didn't look right. I figured out I was doing my yarn overs wrong. Now that I know the right way, it looks really nice :) and they are actually easier. I've got the 4 row pattern memorized so I can just pick it up and go withour referring to the pattern, which is nice. Makes me feel like I know what I'm doing or something!

I think I want to try making this Chunky Ribbed Hat next. I don't really wear hats, but I think it would be a nice quick project to do. I have a couple yarns in my stash that might work well for it, too.

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