Thursday, May 23, 2002

OMG I love the yarns in the scarf I am making. It's like a treat for my fingers!It's a little "sticky" on my plastic needles, but feels so nice in my hands. I want to make myself a top out of Sirdar Snowflake and Funny Yarn now! ONly two problems....I think these are both fibres that need special care. As far as laundry goes, I'm NOT about special care. I'm about "chuck it in the washer, leave it out of the dryer if its specialty fabric", thats as far as my special care goes! The other problem is the cost. Snowflake yarn is $9 at the LYS and funny yarn is $6+. I'm guessing 3 of each MINIMUM for a sleeveless top, which is $45 or more! YIKES! My birthday is in July though. Maybe my brother can buy me the snowflake and my sister the funny yarn or something?

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