Thursday, May 02, 2002

I finally got some knitting time in last night - yay! Hubby and I watched Law and Order, and 2 hrs of "Law and order - Criminal Intent" that we had recorded on Sunday. Fun times!

I also brought my knitting to work again. I'm glad I did because it doesn't look like there will be a whole lot for me to do! I've picked out more projects I want do to from Berroco: Stella - short sleeve lacy cardigan, and Lola a shaped long sleeve sweater with fuzzy cuffs! Both are marked as "Very Easy" so if I manage this "Experienced" tank top I'm working on they should be no problem.

I'm starting to feel guilty that all my projects are for me to wear, no gifts or anything. I feel like I should be making things for other people too! Maybe I will make my aunt the sleevless turtleneck from was fun to knit and she really liked mine! Do other people knit just for themselves, or do you try to make some gifts and stuff too?

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