Wednesday, May 01, 2002

I got fed up with the last comment service being down more than up, so I'm going with YACCS now. I followed the link from Ivete's site, they seem to be up all the time for her! So now I have to go through and remove all the old comment code and clean things up - BUT people can chat to me now! And since I was messing with the Blog code anyways I changed the colours. I think they are much purtier now.

I actually brought knitting to work today. Its been really quiet and I've had so little knitting time lately, I just had to! I got some help with that tank top and I want to keep working on it. Tomorrow and friday may be "knit at work" days too, since one of the systems I support is going down for updates, so I won't have any helpdesk questions on it for 2 days.

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