Friday, May 03, 2002

I am stuck AGAIN on that Berroco Tank! Very frustrating, I loved how it was looking and want to keep working on it! The pattern says to "work in ribbing" across a section that wasn't ribbing before, it was diagonal slants. So do I just ignore what the stitches are and plow through in K2 P2??? I don't get it! (Anyone who wants to give me a hand I'm stuck at the ROW 3 part after 'Begin Diagonal Bands'. Bleh.

I tried starting a sock last night....abysmal failure. I just used the first pattern I could find on the net though, so I'm not too upset. Has anyone got a nice easy sock pattern for a beginner to try? I have some pretty tweed-look wool blend yarn that would make nifty socks, and I want to have a second project going for when my tank top trips me up and I have to pause in it!

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